PSA 4 – let’s GET there TOGETHER

A Quantum Leap Forward

In 2008, the three-year lobbying effort by advocates across South Carolina finally paid off with the passage of reformed bicycle traffic safety laws. According to advocates, this reform launched South Carolina into the modern age of traffic law by allowing bicycles equitable treatment as legitimate users of the road. With the enforcement of this law, the rights and responsibilities of bicycle users in SC are better protected and defined.

Harassing a bicyclist is not only disrespectful, but it is also a crime.

Curses and Cans

One of the developments that came with the 2008 reform to the SC bicycle safety law was the criminal prosecution if a driver harasses, taunts, or throws an object at a cyclist on a road. It’s bewildering that a law is even needed for such insufferable actions. Regardless of the situation or how frustrating an encounter with a bicycle or motorist may be, the bottom line is that we must rise above personal anger and hostility and be respectful of others. By keeping your cool and upholding laws for your personal actions, you may be making a life or death decision for you and others.


The Safe Streets campaign is all about teamwork. Roads in South Carolina are to be used by all, whether you’re traveling on two or four wheels (or no wheels at all). Because our roads have limited space available, all of the various users must share the oftentimes narrow right-of-way. In sharing these roads, we must respect each other.

With Safe Streets, we encourage all road users to be empowered by their rights, to uphold their responsibilities, and to respect others that are also on the road. It’s simple, really: show some respect and you’ll get some respect.