William Wilson

William WilsonWilliam was born the third of five brothers in Columbia, South Carolina. William was an outdoor enthusiast—he enjoyed cycling, camping, hiking, skiing, fishing, being on and in the water.…and he was good at it all!

William’s smile could light a room and although he was quiet, he did not need words to let you know he cared. He always led by example and his actions spoke for him. William was a son, brother, cousin, friend, and much more, indeed a valued pillar to his community. William loved a challenge and was not afraid of hard work—in fact, he enjoyed it and thrived on it.  He loved new adventures and was passionate about so many things in his life.  Running was one of his greatest passions and he excelled at it, having benefited from many awards and honors in the sport. He earned the nickname ‘the machine’ because he could do anything and made it look easy.

His love for running continued after college graduation, and he was in training for the Kiawah Island Marathon when he was killed. In his absence, a group of friends and family ran in his honor. This race was only a few months after William’s death, bringing us closer together through him. William was a Citadel graduate and an incredible leader.

The William Wilson 5k was created after William’s death to enable many individuals all over the community to share his energy and keep his memory alive. Join us on August 20, 2011 in the second year of this wonderful event.

– Maura Wilson, William’s mom