Rachel Giblin

Rachel GiblinRachel would not want us to be sad with her passing. She would want us to continue to accept life’s challenges and to live life to its fullest. We will always remember her with a twinkle in her eye and love for all in her heart.

In the following poem, Rachel describes herself when she was in the 7th grade:

Sunny, energetic, easy, stubborn;
Daughter of Tom and Becky;
Lover of riding, tennis, family, friends and animals:
Happy when playing with animals,
Scared when watching a frightening movie,
Carefree when jumping on the trampoline;
One who needs a coke float, the summer and laughter;
Who gives feed to the horses, joy to my grandparents,
And calmness when my family needs it;
One who would like to see the biggest cookie in the world,
The Kentucky Derby, and the Sagrada Familia finished;
A resident of Charlotte on Paulston Road.

Again in her own words, Rachel describes her love of cycling in a poem she wrote in 8th grade:

Left foot, right foot, left foot, right…
The rhythms of life turn like my wheels on the pavement.
Fresh air fills my nostrils and my lungs as my
Mind wanders on the never changing, ever changing landscapes.
I have the freedom of the road and of my destiny.

– Becky Giblin (Rachel’s mom)