It is crucial that when passing a bicyclist, a motorist offer sufficient distance between them and the bike. This ensures safety for all.

Handle with care

In most settings, bicyclists travel at a slower speed than cars, so motorists will often need to pass a bicycle user to arrive at their destination efficiently and safely. The one concept that motorists need to remember when passing or overtaking a bicycle is to be cautious and to maintain a safe operating distance. This means slowing down as necessary and providing plenty of room to the bicyclist. Never attempt to squeeze past a bicyclist—be patient and wait until the time is right. It’s very simple, really.

Be alert at intersections

Most car/bicycle collisions occur at intersections where bicyclists are often difficult to see or their actions are hard to predict. Other vulnerable road users that are present at intersections include pedestrians, so regardless of your intentions, by using caution when driving through intersections you are doing a service to the many others on the road.

When roads improve for the safety of bicyclists, they become safer for all users.

We’re all in this together

It takes two to tango. Although it is crucial that motorists use caution when passing a bicyclist and remain alert at intersections, it is equally important that bicyclists use hand signals to communicate their intentions, wear clothing and equipment that improves their safety and visibility, and drive their bike in the right-most lane that best serves their destination. Let’s uphold our superb traffic safety laws and get there together.