• 2014 SC Bike Summit - Columbia
    2014 Safe Streets Tour
    and Rolling Bike Summit

    We trained over 75 ambassadors across the state in our unique Safe Streets Save Lives bike safety and law curriculum, specific to our state, and we can’t help but feel a deep sense of accomplishment. Each ambassador was selected based on their commitment to reteach this in their city/town, which means our campaign has what it takes for lasting effect.

    Read more in Amy’s post on the PCC blog!

  • Cyclists wearing helmets and smiling

    Safe Streets Save Lives WHAT’S this ALL about?

    The Safe Streets Save Lives (SSSL) project is the first initiative of its kind that is working to improve bicycle safety on South Carolina roads.

    This project represents a public and private partnership for the betterment of South Carolina and all of its residents.

    When roads improve for the safety of bicyclists, they become safer for all users.

    Bicycling is good for South Carolina, and it’s a fun and healthy activity for the people it serves.

    So let’s strive to respect basic laws when traveling on the roads.

    Following these laws, we can be safe, have fun, and most importantly — we can get there together.

    Safe Streets Save LivesWATCH our VIDEOS and check out WHAT you CAN do!

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